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Disciplinary Rules

➤  Every child must bring the school almanac everyday.
➤  It is not advisable for students to have money, mobile or any other valuable articles with them.
➤  Any damage done to school property by the student.The student will be charged against the students account for the damage done.
➤  The student must wear neat,tidy and ironed uniform on all the days.
➤  Children have to follow the rules,regarding uniforms strictly. The girls will have to plait their hair and wear a hair band,
      no fancy earrings, bindi, nail polish or application of henna is permitted.
➤  Boys have to trim their hair short.
➤  Nails need to be clipped regularly.
➤  The students need to wear the ID cards everyday.
➤  A pupil coming late to school will not be allowed to enter.
➤  Visitors are not allowed to meet the class teacher during the school working hours.
      Prior appointment and communication is a must.
➤  A student remaining absent needs to produce a leave note signed by the parent.
      Any student missing school for more than three days needs to produce a valid reason for the same.
      Prior permission needs to be taken from the school in case the child desires a long leave for any reason whatsoever.
➤  In everyone's interest,if any student by reason of misconduct causes an injury to anyone or damages the premises, disciplinary action
      will be taken leading to expulsion.
➤  Students should carry only healthy food in their tiffins. Junk food like wafers, maggi, soft drink, juices, burger and pizza,
      is strictly not allowed.
➤  Students will not be allowed to leave the school premises during the school working hours without prior permission.


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