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Approach towards Sports and Fitness

At Anisha Global School, we believe that sports and academics are closely linked and work in tandem to improve performance of our students.

Both Sports and Academics provide a unique path for development of self-confidence, collaboration and leadership skills. Getting engaged with sports additionally helps students maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

We believe that basic fitness must be achieved by all our students. However, choosing which sports to play as a hobby and which ones to excel in is left to our students. In the early years, we provide exposure of different kinds of sports to all our students so that they can choose the sports of their interest and abilities.

Our sports and fitness program provides opportunities to all our students so that they can participate at different levels - ranging from Ananda to Sadhana, both in interschool and intra school events and competitions.

We believe in inclusive participation in sports. At Indus World School, all students must be a part of one sports team and must try to excel at one individual sport.

We do not believe that sports must be played to win all the time. However, we encourage our students to do their best in whatever sport they choose to play.

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